Sandblast and WetBlast

A versatile "Dust Free" Blast Cleaning System for general building cleaning and surface preparation of concrete & steel.


Concrete - Low Pressure for cleaning and washing away corrosize salts and / or Concrete Repair at Higher   Pressures for exposing aggregate, removing surface coatings and removing rust from Rebar. 


Stone - Low pressure for gentle cleaning and graffiti removal


Brick - Low pressure for gentle cleaning or removal of masonry paint


Timber - Low pressure for stripping paint from hard woods


Fibreglass - Low pressure for paint and coating removal


Steel - High pressure for dust free cleaning of rust and paint from structures such as ships, bridges, tanks,  girders etc. Unlike High Pressure Water Systems the 'wetblast' will provide a key on new Steel.   


- Sandblasting


- Wet Blasting


- Abrasive Blasting


- Ice Blasting


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